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International Youth Day 2021

The Dais Gamechangers Awards, 12th August 2021

The Dais Youth Forum

30th July - 12th August
Celebrating International Youth Day 2021
Awards, conversations, music, networking for the youth to come together & co-create solutions.

About the Event

30 Jun, 6:30 PM IST – 12 Aug, 10:30 PM IST
Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse

1. The Dais Gamechangers Awards

2. Youth led Dialogues on Gender, Education and Climate on Zoom and Facebook Live

3. Bits of Conversation: Informal Conversations between youth at Clubhouse, Instagram Live

4. Counseling Sessions for the Youth

5. The Dais Discussion Forum for Role of SDGs on Youth 

The Dais Youth Forum is an initiative led by the youth to discuss unconventional issues of the youth and for the youth. DYF 2021 will see a series of conversation, focused discussions, experience sharing, exchange of ideas, collaboration opportunities, counseling for youth and cultural performances by artists on several platforms digital platforms including Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse & Discussion Forum on The Dais website from the 23rd June leading upto the International Youth Day 2021 on the 12th August, which will see the Launch of Voices of Youth Report and Gamechangers Awards for Youth making an impact towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


  • 23rd June 2021, Wednesday, Launch of the Forum on Instagram Live @thedaisindia

  • 30th June 2021, Sunday - Opening Ceremony, Gender Dialogue - Zoom & Facebook Live @thedaisindia

  • 6th July 2021, Tuesday 2021 ,08.00 PM IST - Clubhouse discussion 1 on Redefining Feminism

  • 8th July 2021 ,Thursday 2021,08.00 PM IST - Instagram live@thedaisindia

  • 11th July 2021, Sunday 2021,08.00 PM IST - Clubhouse discussion 2 on Gender Biases across Curriculum

  • 13th July 2021, Tuesday 2021,08.00 PM IST- Instagram live @thedaisindia

  • 15th July 2021, Thursday 2021,08.00 PM IST- Clubhouse discussion 3 on Crossroads after 12th standard.

  • 18th July 2021, Sunday - Education and mental health dialogue - Zoom & Facebook Live @thedaisindia

  • 20th July 2021,Tuesday, 08.00 PM IST - Clubhouse discussion 4 on Mental Health in Educational Institution, a fad or a necessity.

  • 22nd July 2021, Thursday, 08.00 PM IST - Instagram live - Close the Award submission

  • 25th July 2021, Sunday, 08.00 PM IST - Clubhouse discussion 5 on  Procasting & Overworking :the thin line

  • 27th July 2021, Tuesday , 08.00 PM IST - Instagram live @thedaisindia

  • 29th July 2021, Thursday,08.00 PM IST  - Clubhouse discussion 6 on Climate Change & an individual’s effort

  • 3rd August 2021, Tuesday,08.00 PM IST - Clubhouse discussion 7 on Are Sustainable products merely for fashion?

  • 5th August 2021, Thursday, 08.00 PM IST - Instagram live @thedaisindia

  • 8th August 2021, Sunday, 08.00 PM IST - Clubhouse discussion 8 on Role of youth in Global development

  • 12th August 2021, Thursday - Closing Ceremony & International Youth Day Webinar, The Dais Gamechangers Awards 2021, Zoom & Facebook Live @thedaisindia


The Gamechangers Awards

Youth is instrumental to change.

The Gamechangers Awards focuses on awarding the youth for their work towards the cause of sustainable development goals. The vision of the awards is to act as a catalyst encouraging the youth to drop their diffidence and create a sense of purpose, to work towards achieving their goals systematically.  It is a firm belief that recognising such talents will bring forth more hands to join the cause for a greater change. This award is also a medium to recognise and aid such Gamechangers and provide them with resources and a platform to reach out to more prominent organisations and stakeholders.


  1. To motivate young persons (aged between 14 – 30 years) to achieve excellence in the field of national development or social service.

  2. To encourage young people to develop a sense of responsibility to the community and thus to improve their own personal potential as good citizens.

  3. To give recognition to the outstanding work done by voluntary organizations working with the youth for national development and / or social service.

  4. The award shall be given for identifiable excellent work for youth in different fields of development activities and social service such as health, research and innovation, culture, promotion of human rights, art and literature, tourism, traditional medicine, active citizenship, community service, sports and academic excellence & smart learning.

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