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The Dais Gamechangers Awards

Celebrating Youth-led Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

The youth is an embodiment of boundless energy with creative ideas and innovation.  We feel that the responsibility shouldered by the youth is of extreme importance, and their efforts and service in the field of development and growth should be recognised and rewarded. Youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but also today.
The Gamechangers Awards focus on awarding the youth for their work towards the cause of sustainable development goals. The vision of the awards is to act as a catalyst encouraging the youth to drop their diffidence and create a sense of purpose, to work towards achieving their goals systematically. 
It is a firm belief that recognising such talents will bring forth more hands to join the cause for a greater change. This award is also a medium to recognise and aid such Gamechangers and provide them with resources and a platform to reach out to more prominent organizations and stakeholders.


  • To motivate young persons (aged between 15 – 27 years) to achieve excellence in the field of national development or social service.

  • To encourage young people to develop a sense of responsibility to the community and thus to improve their own personal potential as good citizens.

  • To give recognition to the outstanding work done by voluntary organizations working with the youth for national development and / or social service.

  • The award shall be given for identifiable excellent work for youth in different fields of development activities and social service such as health, research and innovation, culture, promotion of human rights, art and literature, tourism, traditional medicine, active citizenship, community service, sports and academic excellence & smart learning.

Application Process

  • The application forms for The Gamechangers Awards (individual and Organization) will be available on The Dais website.  (Applications will be open from 29th January 2022 till 29th May 2022).

  • The applying member has to login The Dais page via the following link after which they can access the form.    

  • The application round will be followed by a round of interactions with the Jury.                                       

Category of Awards 

1. Field Specific Awards

  • Covid -19 Relief work - The Humanitarian Awards

  • Sustainable development goals - The Emerging Activists 

  • Technology  - The Young Innovators Awards

  • Literature and arts - The Young Artisan Awards, and The Phoenix Awards.

2. Community Champions 

3. Established Entrepreneurs : The Hall of Fame 

4. Young Entrepreneur Awards

Conditions of Eligibility

For Individuals:

He/She/They should be between the ages of 14 – 30 years as on 1st January of the current year at the time of nomination.

For Organizations:

Founder / Group of founders should constitute youth  between the ages of 14 – 30 years as on 1st January of the current year at the time of nomination.

Overview of Awards

  • Covid -19 Relief Work - The Humanitarian Awards

This is to award those individuals who went out of their way to establish networks and to join for the cause to distribute food , medical necessities , everyday deliverables to the ones in need during the time of the pandemic.It is also to acknowledge their contribution done in regards to arranging Covid -19 hospital requirements and supplies for the people who got affected by the virus. 

  • Sustainable Development Goals - The Emerging Activists

This is to award those individuals who have incorporated a part work, or daily schedule to help towards the growth of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by spreading awareness, campaigns, webinars, seminars, campaigns or have been able to reach out to the masses for the same 

  • Technology  - The Young Innovators Awards

The Young Innovators Award shines a light on innovation and creativity to uncover amazing tech ideas that are born out of issues that young people care about. And this year, as we start to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to turn our minds and actions towards tackling other major challenges as well .This year we want to use this award to find a new generation of tech entrepreneurs and inventors who are putting their brilliant minds to find new tech solutions.

  • Literature and Arts - The Storyteller Award, and The Phoenix Award.

The Storyteller Award:

The Young Storytellers Award is to acknowledge the individuals who tell great stories with film, the written word, photography, song or any other method of expressing themselves to others.  The voice and vision of a child is limitless and should be unencumbered. 

The Phoenix Award 

The Phoenix Award recognizes the contribution of young media practitioners to the "engendering of a positive youth culture". It is for individuals who have made a significant contribution towards the development of our young people as well as the positive portrayal of youth in the media. 

  • Community Champions Awards

This is awarded to a young person who has mobilized community support and action around an issue they felt strongly about. It also recognizes the contribution of the community to youth development.

  • The Young Entrepreneurs Awards 

This award is presented to a young artisan, developer, innovator, creator in any field who has produced excellent work and who has dedicated time to develop their craft. Here we celebrate the individuals who have also turned their craft into a work of inspiration or used them as a source to reach out and help other individuals or themselves through the pandemic. 

  • Established Individuals/ Organisations: The Hall of Fame

It is an honorary award which is conferred upon the individual(s)/ organizations who have contributed significantly towards the development and upliftment of the youth. The nominations are made by the Jury Members of the awards.

Launch of The Dais Gamechangers Awards during #LearningPlanet Festival 2022

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