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Young Leaders for Climate Action Fellowship 2022

Hosted by The Dais, Tears of the Earth, Lawngitude & Earth Day Network, India
Supported by Indie Stori, Green Saviours

Young Leaders for Climate Action Fellowship is a Program on  Learning and Action by The Dais along with several partners. The program  will be launched in January and conclude in August during the  International Youth Day 2022 and will be open to youth from 16 - 25  Years from South Asia.  

The program will be conducted in 3 Phases   

1. Introduction to Climate Change & How Young People can make a  difference. 

2. A focused engagement on a track elected by the participants. 

3. Participant led Action with an organisation working on the relevant track from  Phase 2  

Tracks:  Advocacy, Campaigning, Research Collaborations, Grassroots Mobilization Education, Literacy, Sensitisation, Innovation Thought Leadership, Governance, International Cooperation

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