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NIT Silchar Model UN

The Dais is collaborating with NIT Silchar Junior Model United Nations 2021 hosted by NIT Silchar MUN Society on the 16th - 17th October 2021.

About NITS Junior Model United Nations 2021

Since its inception in 2014, NIT Silchar Model United Nations (NITSMUN) has emerged from a pioneer to leader in the North-east MUN circuit. NITSMUN organise various events and activities like debates, workshops and simulations throughout the year across the country and beyond. But on forefront comes their annual conference, hosted in the month of February, conducted as a flagship event under the annual cultural fest of NIT Silchar, Incandescence.

The vision of NITSMUN is to enhance the growth of each attendee in every possible aspect like research, debate, oration, lobbying, social skills, teamwork and decision making process. Their delegates have participated in various world-class MUN conferences of IIMs, IITs and various colleges across the world, bringing laurels to the college. Proudly, many of them started off their MUN journey along with NITSMUN.

Moving forward with the purpose, NITSMUN also recognises immense potential in the young hearts of our country. They believe the age in which they are in, is an optimum time where a person shapes his/her identity, viewpoints and even interpersonal skills. To help with that, NITSMUN in association with The DAIS, proudly announces the very first edition of NITS Junior MUN exclusively for school students. We believe that children and young teens should be exposed to various intricacies of society and should understand how the world functions from grassroot level to the biggest segregation of nations.

Committees & Agenda

  1. United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)
    Agenda: Addressing the problems of marine debris with special focus on the Pacific garbage patch.

  2. United Nations General Assembly (UNGA):
    Agenda: The possibility of fragmentation and failure of Afghan military institution ANDSF and Taliban's rise to power with the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan - special emphasis on the humanitarian needs involving targets of SDG 16.


Workshops hosted by The Dais

For the participants of NITS Junior Model UN

The Dais in collaboration with NITSMUN would also be conducting a free workshop that aims at making the students, without prior experience in MUNs, familiar with the entire MUN structure. The workshop will consist 4 parts:

  1. Empathy and Critical Thinking,

  2. Importance of SDGs for youth

  3. Introduction to Model UN

  4. Mock Simulation 

Zonal Ambassador Applications.png

Zonal Ambassadors

More opportunities to work with NITSMUN

NITSMUN also provides ZONAL AMBASSADORS the opportunity to help promote the upcoming Junior MUN conference among the students all over India and help them get acquainted with the Muning culture. Two Zonal Ambassadors are assigned to each state of India and they reach out to students in their respective zones to publicize the NITS Junior MUN.

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