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We’re excited to announce our association with #LearningPlanet!

Launched by CRI and UNESCO on the 24th of January 2020 on the occasion of the International Day of Education, #LearningPlanet is an open alliance with a cause, dedicated to learning stakeholders and communities. It is a long-term initiative with a mission to gather players from around the world in order to identify, celebrate, enhance and scale up innovative educational solutions towards sustainable futures that ensure the respect, well-being and fulfilment of oneself, the others and the planet. #LearningPlanet defines itself as a middle-ground: it connects institutions with grassroots movements and innovators to scale up their ideas.
There are several events driven by #LearningPlanet that we look forward to being a part of. These include: the annual #LearningPlanet Festival, the recent launch of the #LearningPlanet Circles, and the upcoming #LearningPlanet Assembly, as well as other local and global summits.
Visit the #LearningPlanet website for more information and find out how you can also get involved in the #LearningPlanet community.

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