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Community Arts Network

We’re excited to be joining Community Arts Network

Co-created by visionaries who believe that the transformative power of the arts can be used for social impact, Community Arts Network (CAN) is a platform that aims to enable, engage and empower individuals, organizations and communities through arts and unlikely alliances to generate meaningful change and shape a humane future, together.


Vision & Mission

The purpose of the Community Arts Network is:

● To explore connections between Art and Impact - and how the arts themselves can be a meaningful catalyst for transformative action

● Provide connections to both like-minded and unlikely individuals and organisations- all united by their passion for art and positive social change

● Develop and grow a hub of systems, tools, and resources for members to plan, promote, and measure the impact of artful and community-led art projects

As part of its mission, CAN is bringing together people from different backgrounds to explore the impact of the arts in six key contexts: Climate, Hope, Wellbeing, Business, Democracy, and Education.

CAN believes the arts have a unique ability to transcend boundaries and unify people to take meaningful action against global crises. The power of the arts resides exactly in its ability to provoke and cause action.