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The Focus of Our Efforts

The Dais has been working collaboratively with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and communities around the world, international agencies and think tanks, educational institutions and youth, besides industry and academia for several on ground and virtually held initiatives, projects, workshops and collaborations with SDG 4: Quality Education, SDG 5: Gender Equality, Climate Action: SDG 13, SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions along with critical intersection, complimenting spaces of these SDGs and related goals.

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The Dais SDG Labs

Service Subitl

The Dais SDG Labs are innovation, capacity building and collaboration spaces for youth in Schools and Universities to lead SDG Action. The Dais SDG Lab officially started on 24th October, UN Day 2019 in Sonipat, Haryana. During the Covid19 Pandemic, The Dais SDG Labs have been set up in partnership with Universities in India and Afghanistan. Several Civil Society Organisations, experts and students and faculty members from Universities will be working on Gender Equality, Quality Education, Climate Action, Good Health and Well Being through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Research, Collaborative projects and actions round the year. The Dais SDG Labs aim to impact 200,000 students over the next 5 years and empower them to lead the way towards Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Dais Global Voices Program

The Dais Global Voices Program

The Dais Global Voices Program is an annual virtual dialogues platform to bring unheard voices & issues in the society to the forefront, launched by The Dais in July till November 2020 with several partners around the world and saw over 30 Global Dialogues on SDGs through Dialogues Series on Gender, Climate, Education, Peace, Inclusion. The program saw a direct participation of about 2000 attendees and a reach of about 2,00,000 views on Facebook Live and was awarded the 13th National Womens' Excellence Award 2020 in India for the Global Gender Dialogues.


Community Development

Uttarakhand Sustainable Development Festival

Uttarakhand Sustainable Development Festival 2018 was held from the 21st - 25th February at Champawat Uttarakhand. An initiative on Localisation of Sustainable Development Goals under the Department of State Planning, Government of Uttarakhand, hosted by International Centre for Sustainable Development, The Dais, District Administration, Champawat, District Administration, Tehri Garhwal in partnership with UNDP India and NITI Aayog, UKSDF was envisioned with the following objectives - 

  1. To spread awareness and exposure on Sustainable Development Goals with the people of Champawat and the district officials.  

  2. To create a platform for the government officials to engage with community based organisations, youth, international experts and academicians for discussion on local solutions and best practices in achievement of SDGs in the district.

  3. To invite external stakeholders to Champawat to collaborate with the administration and the local civil society organisations to initiate ground level interventions. 

  4. To promote the tourism and local products as a prospective revenue earning opportunity for the people of Champawat. 

  5. To create an opportunity for interdepartmental collaboration and exposure of district officials to work with external stakeholders. 

Officials of District Administration, Champawat with international youth civil society leaders at the unveiling of the SDG Wall.


Youth Development

Empowering the youth to create impact.

We identify youth as the core collaborators and beneficiaries of our engagements besides our partners. The Dais has worked with several community based organisations, institutions to develop the youth towards amplification of impact and strengthening of values such as empathy, collaborative skills. We also support several youth run initiatives around the world to mobilize them towards SDG Action. 

We have worked with Global Zero, Students For A Free Tibet, Fridays for Future, Teach For India to build capacity with youth to engage with grassroots issues and making a difference.

We also worked with Global Forums such as UNSDSN Youth, Catalyst 2030, Civicus towards engagement of youth in SDGs. 


Engagement with Universities

Universities are key to achievement of Agenda 2030

The Dais works with universities and university students around the world through several engagements such as co-curricular activities, sensitization and capacity building workshops and activities on SDG's, leadership workshops, youth fellowships, webinars, international exchanges  and collaboration with prestigious youth conferences globally.

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Engagement with Schools

School is the most formative space for child and a future adult

The Dais has worked with several prestigious institutions to provide soft skills, personality development training to students. We work with the students to building their problem solving, collaboration skills for school and college students. We also facilitates training on specific academic themes through experts from around the world as per the learning goals of the students.

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The Dais Gamechangers Awards

Celebrating Youth-led Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

The youth is an embodiment of boundless energy with creative ideas and innovation.  We feel that the responsibility shouldered by the youth is of extreme importance, and their efforts and service in the field of development and growth should be recognised and rewarded. Youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but also today.
The Gamechangers Awards focus on awarding the youth for their work towards the cause of sustainable development goals. The vision of the awards is to act as a catalyst encouraging the youth to drop their diffidence and create a sense of purpose, to work towards achieving their goals systematically. 
It is a firm belief that recognising such talents will bring forth more hands to join the cause for a greater change. This award is also a medium to recognise and aid such Gamechangers and provide them with resources and a platform to reach out to more prominent organizations and stakeholders.

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