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Learning Programs

Building Skills & Leadership with Youth

Model United Nations

  • Introduction to United Nations and Model UN

  • Decision Making at United Nations

  • Foreign Policy, Research Skills

  • Problem Solving and Resolution Process

  • Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals, Global Citizenship

  • Debating and Argumentation

Youth Parliament

  • Introduction to Parliament of India, Parliamentary Processes

  • Role Play as Parliamentarians and their role in Governance

  • Introduction to Political Parties and Researching on their ideologies

  • Tackling contemporary challenges faced by the society

  • Debating and Argumentation

Debating: Conventional and Parliamentary Debating

  • Debating Frameworks in Conventional and Parliamentary Debate

  • Reasoning and Logic in Debating

  • Case Analysis and various themes in Debates

  • Interjections and Rebuttals

English Theatre

  • Body language and voice modulations

  • Introduction to Scripting and Directing

  • Expressions and Body Movements for Emotive Acting

  • Technical Aspects of Theatre: Lighting and sound

  • Conceptualisation

Public Speaking

  • Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Confidence Building

  • Speech construction and preparation

  • Discussion and listening skills

  • Voice modulation and expression

Self-awareness, confidence building

  • Understanding the self and our relationship to others

  • Head, Hearts and Hand Approach towards Self Awareness

  • Understanding how to develop oneself and introspection

  • Application of self awareness in day to day life of a student

Intercultural Communication

  • Introduction to Culture and Conditioning and Ourselves

  • Creating a positive interaction between human beings, cultures

  • Application of IC in personal and professional life

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship

  • Identification of social challenges and creating a socially responsive business plan

  • Building resources and implementation strategy

  • Effective planning and monitoring systems

  • Setting up Communications and Operations

Leadership & Action on SDGs

  • Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

  • History and Development of SDGs

  • Context of SDGs in India, Stakeholders in SDGs

  • Role of young people and problem-solving in SDGs

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