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Bio-Summit 2021

Workshop on SDGs & Young Researchers hosted by The Dais

Biotech  has become one of the fastest-growing technologies across the globe.  With its wide range of applications, they can improve the quality of  human life and lead all of us towards a better future. In the  direction of exploring this ever-expanding sector more, Manipal  BioMachines, BITSMUN Goa &  LoT Manipal are hosting Bio-Summit 2021, a platform for all  bioenthusiasts to build an inclusive global network on the 21st - 22nd August 2021. 

As a part of the Bio-Summit 2021, The Dais is hosting a workshop on SDGs & Role of Young Researchers in achieving the same. The 90 minute workshop will be an interactive session aimed to build understanding of how researchers in STEM and specially Bio-tech can take SDG Action and align their work towards a better life for all.

SDGs and Role of Young Researchers
SDGs and Role of Young Researchers
20 Aug 2021, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm IST


  1. Provide innovative activity for students to learn about global issues linked with SDGs on climate change, education, gender equality, equity, hate speech, among others.

  2. Provide a platform for students to learn and practice skills of dialogue with global peers - Global Communication, Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Questioning, and Reflection.

Engagement for Students

  1. Students complete the introductory module on the UDA to develop an understanding of dialogue, core skills of dialogue, and foundations of participating in a community. This is a onetime activity which students need to do after registering on the platform.

  2. Students complete the module on the special topic from the UDA for that month including participation in dialogue spaces.

  3. Students participate in a video-conference where they practice the core skills of dialogue on the special topic - sharing their perspective and experiences, listening actively to others, thinking critically about what they hear, asking constructive questions, and reflecting on the dialogue.

  4.  Reflections with students on their performance in the video-conference, their understanding of the topic, and skills developed using reflection techniques from the classroom resources.  The reflection sessions will be led by The Dais Team through a month-end reflection disucssion with the students.

  5. Students submit their written reflections after completing three modules.

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