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We believe in meaningful partnerships!

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We believe in long term and impactful partnerships

International Agencies

Our team has collaborated with International Agencies engaged in Development and Impact including UNDP, UNV, UNESCO besides working as a member of SDSN Youth Network, towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. We have also supported several UN Campaigns, Youth Initiatives including UN75, Know Your Goals, SDG Accord,  SDG Acceleration Actions, Girl Up Local Chapters in India.

Global Civil Society

The Dais has been associate members of several global alliances including Civicus, Catalyst 2030, Gandhi King Global Network, Fridays For Future International towards Youth Development, SDGs and strengthening Civil Society Action.

Government Organisations

Our team has worked closely on several initiatives, projects, events with government bodies including NITI Aayog, Government of Uttarakhand, District Administration, Champawat, District Administration, Tehri-Garhwal, District Central, Delhi, Delhi Jal Board, Transport Ministry, Government of Delhi, Department of Environment, Government of Antigua & Barbuda, International Affairs Office, NYC Mayor's Office, USA.


The Dais has worked with several prestigious Universities in India, Afghanistan, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Philippines, Fiji, South Africa through several collaborative projects, academic conferences. Some of the Universities including IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore, BITS Goa, University of Delhi, OP Jindal Global University, India, North-West University, South Africa, NTU Singapore.


We have worked with schools and school students on soft skills, personality development, engagement in SDGs, Youth Conferences, MUNs, Youth Parliament, Debate, Quizzing, Theatre, cultural festivals. The Dais has also partnered with International Programs including Generation Global for co-developing SDG Sensitization modules for students. Our alumni students have won laurels at prestigious National as well as International Debates, Conferences and Exchanges.

Community Based Organisations

Our team works closely with grassroots organisations, communities with a vision of 'no-one left behind'. Our partnerships and interventions have spanned across India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Brazil, Bhutan, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, USA, Belgium, Guyana, Taiwan. Our primary focus has been Climate Change, Gender Equality, Quality Education, Peace and Justice.

Private Sector

The Dais works with law offices, media organisations, industry experts, private companies, educational organisations towards designing solutions for community engagement towards a better future, capacity building for better action and for mobilizing support for grassroots communities.

Arts, Festivals and Campaigns

Our team works with artists, communities, festivals to promote the role of arts and culture in the society. We have hosted global and local artists, poets, painters, singers based in the US, UK, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Brasil for several awareness initiatives related to Gender, Climate, Education and Peace. We have also supported International Festivals such as Women Peace Builders Film Festival 2016, Kashi Yoga Festival 2020 and hosted Uttarakhand Sustainable Development Festival 2018.


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