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Catalyst 2030

Catalyst 2030 began as a conversation among like-minded social entrepreneurs in July 2019 and was officially launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2020. It has rapidly turned into global movement that is starting to make a tangible difference, and turning the SDG goals into reality.

Catalyst members

Catalyst 2030 members are driven by a passionate determination to ensure that the SDGs are met by 2030 thereby avoiding the devastating 50-year delay predicted in the Social Progress Index.

Our members envision achieving this through mobilisation of social entrepreneurs, partners and resources. By working together, our aim is to ensure all 17 goals are addressed as part of an interrelated, bigger picture and not in isolation.

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Catalyst's 7 Core Principles

To date, Catalyst 2030 has been driven by collaborative systems change approaches that mobilise and empower a diverse group of actors to collectively address root causes and imagine the future that achieves large-scale systemic change. The 7 compelling principles, build on collaborative systems change, that have driven the movement value and that have served as markers against which all major activities of the community are:

  1. Convene as an honest broker: Creating shared spaces for collaboration and co-creation that democratise the engagement of a diverse group of actors

  2. Connect: Using collaborative systems change principles to connect actors across diverse communities to generously share knowledge and resources to inspire the community of actors towards acceleration on the progress of the SDGs

  3. Co-create: Working in a collaborative system, the community members co-create the overall strategy and direction, providing stakeholders with the opportunity to actively contribute to the future

  4. Celebrate: Through the difficult work ahead, the need for consistent celebration to showcase accomplishments of the movement from awards to events that keep participants engaged

  5. Calibrate: As the movement expands, impact is supported by research and measurement and necessary recalibration to focus on the “north star” to achieve the SDGs by 2030

  6. Cohere: Developing coherence within the community’s activities and organisations, and a shared identity of fellow travellers in learning about and activating systems change, will be important to growing impact

  7. Change Consciousness: Shifting norms away from a focus on individuality to a belief that individual and community prosperity can be achieved with the same action

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