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Model UN for Model Leaders

A Joint Initiative of The Dais & M3M Foundation

The Dais & M3M Foundation are collaborating together to promote youth in developing leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, reasoning and dialogue skills through Model United Nations Workshops.

The Model UN for Model Leaders Program will create a platform for young leaders from schools to understand about the challenges which the world is facing and how the United Nations and various governments around the world tackle these challenges.

The students will get an opportunity to assume the role of the leaders and ambassadors of the countries and collaborate together to create solutions towards these global challenges while developing the necessary skills and knowledge to evolve towards a model global citizen and a global leader in the future.

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The Engagement

Workshop 1: Model UN

  • Introduction to the United Nations & Model UN

  • Decision Making at United Nations

  • Foreign Policy, Research Skills

  • Problem Solving & Resolution Process

  • Debating & Argumentation

Workshop 2: Debating

  • Debating Frameworks in Conventional & Parliamentary Debate

  • Reasoning & Logic in Debating

  • Case Analysis & various themes in Debates

  • Interjections & Rebuttals

After the Workshops

  • Joining Model UNs as Executive Board, Facilitators 

  • Showcase of learning from the workshops

  • One to one support during participation in Model UN

The Sessions will be held in person in the Delhi/NCR Region and will be non-residential.



  • Holistic Development of Children

  • Growth of Children with increased awareness about society

  • Leadership & aspiration development of students


  • Improving Communication & Interpersonal skills

  • Personality development of students

  • Enhance the engagement and competitiveness of students

  • Increasing the capability of students to think out of the box

Apply Here

Last date to Apply: 5th November 2022
Release of Shortlisted Candidates: 8th November 2022
Submission of the fees: 12th November 2022
Training Dates: 19th - 20th November 2022

Model UN

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries. MUN aims to bring out the best of real-life skills in the participants such as diplomacy, effective communication, negotiation, oratory skills etc. by finding an optimal solution to the many multifaceted problems that affect humanity. With each participant representing a country, we discuss the real-world issues that humanity now faces; and attempt to solve them with policies and perspectives of their assigned nation

“Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in Model UN as students.” - 

M3M Foundation

Founded in 2019 by M3M group Chairman Mr. Basant Kumar Bansal, the philanthropic arm of M3M Group and working towards bringing an equitable development that helps in attaining a brighter India, M3M Foundation envisions growth and development by ensuring the resources required for marginalized communities where everyone is empowered and equipped to reach their maximum potential.

Following the values of Equality, Empathy, Inclusion, Collaboration & Trust and with the vision of Economic Empowerment of the marginalized communities for Sustainable Development, the foundation is determined to bring development across all sections of the society by empowering them to plan, implement, monitor and contribute in sustainable community development projects in the thematic areas of Education, Health, Livelihoods and Environment conservation that ensure holistic growth and support innovative ideas, various government initiatives and proactive steps in the developmental regime.

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