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Critical Global Issues being discussed over 2 Days ranging from Technology, Education, Climate, Health, Governance and Rights of Children

The participants from 13 - 17 years will get additional benefits from Generation Global Program to learn about SDGs

All delegates will get access to Model UN and Public Speaking Workshops hosted by The Dais

Eligibility Criteria - Youth in age group between 14 and 25 Years

Applications are free for all.

1. Fill the form & you will be assigned a committee and a country.

2. Attend the orientation and training sessions and participate in the MUN on the 27th and 28th January on zoom.

3. All delegates in age group of 14 - 17 years will also have access to Generation Global SDG modules in the Conference Toolkit

Planetizens are to the planet what citizens are to the city, meaning that whether you are a human, animal, plant, anything on this planet, you are endowed with rights in our global community. If the citywide and statewide levels are the appropriate scales for coming to democratic decisions on local and national issues, then in order to solve borderless crises, a larger planetary scale is needed.

In addition to being local citizens, we all need to learn to become ethical, inclusive, and respectful planetizens. Youth can be the first Planetizens of the 21st Century and the Model UN can be their laboratory to author the pathway and mandate for the future of the planet, its people and a prospective remodelled version of the United Nations itself!

- Francois Taddei, President, Learning Planet Institute


LearningPlanet Festival is a global celebration of learning, hosted around the International Day of Education.

In 2022, between 22nd and 30th January, the programme welcomed:

  • 450+ online sessions on key themes: Youth Empowerment, Learning for Sustainability, New Models for Social Change, Transitions in Education, and Arts for Education

  • 250+ Partner organisations

  • 400+ high-level speakers

  • 25,000 participants from 160+ countries active on the platform and several thousand on site participants in other key events of partners like UNESCO, Global Minnesota, SHEF, etc.

Children in All Policies (CAP-2030)

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