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moaning Lesha sat on the floor, holding his head. Lying next to him, Alekseev wheezed. The girl took two steps. Without lowering her pistol, she looked at Alekseev. Slowly tilting her head to one side, she raised her weapon and fired again. And, getting excited, squealing, she shot the whole clip. Clicking a few more times, she dropped the gun and, going up to Lesha, squatted down in front of him OnlineCasinoItaliani.

“You see how, Natka,” he said, frowning. - I told you that he would kill me, but you - no, no. Fuck no, he has already prepared everything, the hole is dug out. I would wall it up - and make ends meet ... Who would begin to search?

Natasha took his face in her hands.

Lyosha continued to talk as if to himself, not paying attention to her.

- And I, the moron, did not even think about anything when he called. Can you imagine, I go in, and he has a gun in his hand, his face is like this - well, everything is clear at once, and behind - this pit. Goat. Well, my reaction is not weak - the gun was knocked out and immediately in the balls, and he ...



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